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Maternity Sessions

Pregnancy is such a beautiful and joyous time in a woman’s life – a time when you can celebrate your gorgeous shape and the amazing gift of new life you are creating.  We aim to make your photography experience as relaxing and enjoyable as possible and to provide you with some stunning images to remember your pregnancy by .  Once your precious new arrival is here, you will be surprised by the fact that you may actually “miss” your belly!

Maternity portraits are ideally taken in your third trimester from 32-36 weeks.  This is the time when your belly is lovely and round, but you are hopefully without some of the discomfort you tend to experience towards the end of your pregnancy.

Maternity sessions typically go for 60 – 90 minutes and can be held at our residential natural light studio in Wantirna, or we can take it outdoors to any number of the beautiful locations that Melbourne has to offer.


Newborn Sessions

There is nothing more precious or pure than a brand new baby.  They are completely perfect in every way.   Your life will never be the same again – in the very best of ways.  You will stare at them for hours on end – at their eyelashes, their fingernails, their little mouths as they breathe peacefully whilst sleeping – and you will be in absolute awe of the fact that YOU made this perfect little being.   You will want to keep them this little forever, and will be amazed (and perhaps a little sad) at how fast they do in fact grow and change.

Newborns are best photographed between 6-12 days old.  This is when they are at their squishiest and sleepiest, so that we can capture those divine curly and peaceful images that you see in our galleries. After all, they will NEVER be this small again so you will want to document them at the earliest possible moment that they enter this world.

As newborn sessions need to take place so soon after delivery, it is imperative that you contact us and make a booking whilst you are still pregnant, so that we can reserve a session time before your baby is two weeks of age.

Newborn sessions take place on weekday mornings at our residential natural light studio in Wantirna, and typically take 3 -4 hours to allow time for feeding and resettling.

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Baby Sessions

See, we told you they grow fast!!  Before you know it, your tiny precious little bundle will be this fabulous mini “person” full of smiles and so much personality, your heart will practically bust with love and pride.

The ages from 6 – 12 months are just perfect to capture all their milestones – tummy time, sitting, gorgeous toothless grins, clapping hands, standing, big belly giggles and the list goes on.

You could even consider a Cake Smash to celebrate their first birthday!  Messy, but oh so much fun!

These sessions can take place at our residential studio in Wantirna, or outdoors, and will be for around 30-60 mins.  It’s very busy and tiring being a baby, so we’ve found that an hour is the absolute maximum they will allow us of their time at that age!



Fully detailed guides for maternity, newborn and baby sessions will be provided upon booking and includes information on what to expect, what to wear and other useful tips.









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